Project Purpose

The purpose of the project is to facilitate programs and policy that support family/friend caregivers. To do so  this project has developed resources for services providers to service providers, program planners, policy analysts, advocacy organizations,  educators and researchers concerned with the needs of caregivers of older adults. The primary resources (See: Service Providers Resource Guide or Caregiver Policy Lens) are both based on information from stakeholders and from academic and other literature. Through this project we hope that the challenges caregivers have identified in obtaining the support they need will be addressed.

Both the Service Providers Resource Guideand the Caregiver Policy Lens (CGPL) are user- friendly and designed to raise awareness, and provide information about, issues faced by caregivers. The Service Providers Resource Guide provides evidence-informed information and tools about caregiver assessment and interventions, and resources and suggestions to address issues in case management. The Caregiver Policy Lens is an evidence-informed principle-based analytical framework for reviewing and developing policies that affect caregivers, from the perspective of caregivers and in order to avoid any unintended negative effects on caregivers.

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