Nova Scotia

Caregivers Nova Scotia

Caregivers Nova Scotia Association is dedicated to providing recognition and practical supports to friends and family giving care. Their mission is to ensure that the caregivers of Nova Scotia are recognized, valued and supported by using non-partisan, collaborative approaches to:

  • raise public awareness of caregiver issues;
  • influence public policy with respect to caregivers at the national and provincial levels;
  • provide caregiver education and support;
  • act as a clearinghouse of information on caregiving; and
  • monitor demographic trends and their impact on caregivers.

Services for caregivers take many forms, including workshops, informative newsletters focused on caregiving issues, a book and video lending library, telephone caregiver assistance and community based peer support groups.

Toll free in Nova Scotia 1-877-488-7390/Telephone 1-902-421-7390


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