Caregiver – Service Provider Issues

Many sources of potential conflict between caregivers and service providers are due to system issues. A system issue is one that stems from the complexities of our modern system of government with many layers of departments, organizational responsibility, and priorities. Examples of system issues are: time constraints, confidentiality requirements, and other aspects of service provision that can lead a lack of knowledge of what service providers can and cannot do. System issues are frustrating because caregivers and service providers both justifiably feel they have very little control over them. Across Canada, service providers discussed the realities of providing care in an environment of increased workloads, resource constraints, and funding cutbacks.

Each of the following elaborates on issues that can arise between caregivers and service providers. Quotes from caregivers and service providers further illustrate issues. Resources and practical tips for addressing issues between caregivers and service providers are suggested.

  1. Time constraints
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Caregiver lack of system knowledge
  4. Other system issues

Resources and practical tips in managing issues between service providers and caregivers

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