Systemic Tensions for Service Providers

Service providers may have to interact with many different organizations. In turn, each of these organizations is a complex system that has many administrative layers, personnel, and departments. At times, tensions can arise within or between systems about the purpose and objectives of their goals, and as the last section explored, these tensions can have an unintended negative impact on caregivers. The majority of service providers we consulted with expressed frustration with the lack of political will and leadership in “cutting through the red tape” in creating programs and policies specifically aimed to address caregiver needs. This relative lack of prioritization is evidenced as most provinces still do not have a strategic vision for caregivers.

Each of the following elaborates on systemic issues issues that can arise for service providers. Quotes from service providers and others further illustrate issues. Resources and practical tips for managing tensions are suggested.

Resources and tips to manage systemic tensions.

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