Stress and Self-Care

The chances are that you became involved in service provision because you are a compassionate individual. Working as a service provider can be extremely rewarding and inspiring, but these professions can also be stressful and draining. It is natural that when we bear witness to other people’s suffering, it affects us. We must remain aware of this and pay particular attention to our own well-being. All too often, those dedicated to the care and treatment of others do so while neglecting themselves. Self-care is particularly important as it is difficult to assist and serve others if you are chronically stressed out, burned out, drained and/or overwhelmed. If unchecked, these can become chronic, leading to apathy, depression and ultimately, burnout.

You have to know where to draw the boundaries as a service provider so you don’t burn out because you’re feeling guilty that you can’t do it all”. (Service Provider)

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