What’s a Policy Lens?

The Caregiver Policy Lens has been designed as a critical lens for assessing policies and programs affecting caregivers of older adults. The Caregiver Policy Lens can:

  • Effectively identify unintended negative effects of programs and policies on caregivers;
  • Educate and raise awareness of the needs, perspectives, and challenges facing caregivers, and
  • Provide a common framework for governments to develop policy across and between sectors (including advocacy groups).

When to use The Caregiver Policy Lens:

The Caregiver Policy Lens is designed to be used when you want to:

  • Guide the development of new programs and policies
  • Review existing policies and programs for potential unintended negative effects
  • Identify gaps in current policies and programs affecting caregivers
  • Evaluate policies and programs from the perspective of caregivers’ values and needs
  • Guide the development of a response to an issue or need

The Caregiver Policy Lens can be filled out on-line. If you wish to download a copy of the complete document, please click here.

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