Development of Policy Lens

The Caregiver Policy Lens is informed by (1) literature and by (2) extensive consultation with caregivers about their roles, challenges, needs, their relationships with service providers and experiences with services for themselves and their care recipients, and gaps in getting their needs met. (3) Service providers, caregiver advocates, program  managers and policy analysts were interviewed about  the needs of caregivers and  the challenges in meeting these needs. Information was gathered from British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, both in rural and urban areas. Measures  were taken to include caregivers from diverse backgrounds and caregivers who are marginalized.

  • The key challenges that caregivers experience are summarized in Appendix 1.
  • The information derived from focus group and key informant results and from the literature, underpin the principles, values and key concepts that frame the CGPL,  described in Appendix 2.
  • Information gathered about the optimal design of a policy lens has also been incorporated into the CGPL.

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